Sheru Puttar bilingual books are all about learning Punjabi and Hindi in a way that’s fun and playful. So don’t be shy! Read the Punjabi or Hindi out loud and if you get stuck the transliteration and English will help. These books are perfect for parents who want to brush-up their language skills and great for children who are ready to speak basic phrases in Punjabi and Hindi. Teachers will also find these books useful for introducing grammar, key vocabulary and useful tips for sentence construction to beginning and intermediate readers. Sheru Puttar stories blend imaginative narratives with stylish illustrations to create an environment for learning that is fresh and up-to-date.

Find our first books below. Both stories are now available in paperback at in Punjabi and Hindi.

Sheru’s Jalebi
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Sheru and the Zoo Animals
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Kindle owners can purchase and download these books directly from Amazon by following the links above.
If you do not own a Kindle, you can still read these books on your phone, tablet or computer by downloading the free Kindle Reader for your device and then purchasing these books from Amazon.

You can find more books and inspiration for children at

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